2019 documentary film- Eleven Years
2019 social impact project- Strategy Coordination for the National Prize for Youth Talent awarded by the Colombian Presidency
2019 curatorial project- Marcial Alegría, Guillermo Vega, César Villa
2018 social impact project- Cimarron National Guard
2018 book editor- Obituarios Negros
2018 documentary film- Nos están matando
2017 music album- Magín Díaz, el Orisha de la Rosa
2016 music preservation project- Latin Grammy Foundation Award

Producer and head researcher


Nos están matando is a short documentary on the persecution and targeted killing of social leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia. More than 750 social leaders have been murdered in the past 4 years. The former head of Colombia’s victims’ unit, Alan Jara, described it as a ‘massacre in slow motion.’

Within a few weeks of publication simultaneously in the US (The Atlantic) and Colombia (El Espectador) Nos están matando went viral, gaining some 2 million + views within a two-week period, mainly in Colombia. The film immediately started getting the attention of the Colombian diasporic community, who organized screenings in 15 countries. It was translated into French, Greek, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese, and quickly became the cry
of social movements across the country, mobilizing marches of 10,000-plus people in the capital Bogotá, demanding the protection of Colombian social leaders. 

In September 2018, the film and its team, were invited to Washington D.C. where it screened to members of the US Congress on Capitol Hill,  introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern. From Washington D.C. the film toured to Philadelphia and New York. Shortly after, we were invited to Canada to show the film at Cinema Politica in Montreal and Global Affairs Canada.