Daniel Bustos Echeverry

b. 1990, Bogotá, Colombia
Lives and works in Bogotá

I’m a researcher and cultural producer interested in the relationship between the Caribbean, the Andes and the Amazon. I work across academic, music, documentary, and curatorial fields, often combining these within a single project. Much of my work focuses on recovering and preserving the cultural legacy of AfroColombian communities. In 2017, I led a creative project to recover the music of Magín Díaz, a 95-year-old bullerengue composer. The resulting album won a Grammy Award, a Latin Grammy, and an Independent Music Award. I have since written Magín Díaz’s biography for the Ministry of Culture in Colombia. I have given lectures in the United States, Senegal, Colombia and Bolivia. In 2015 I graduated from Philosophy from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. I am currently researching alternative histories through the memories and the paintings of self-taught artists in Colombia’s Caribbean. With every project I undertake, I make alliances with academic institutions, grassroots groups, the government and the private sector. 

Curriculum vitae