2019 documentary film- Eleven Years
2019 social impact project- Strategy Coordination for the National Prize for Youth Talent awarded by the Colombian Presidency
2019 curatorial project- Marcial Alegría, Guillermo Vega, César Villa
2018 social impact project- Cimarron National Guard
2018 book editor- Obituarios Negros
2018 documentary film- Nos están matando
2017 music album- Magín Díaz, el Orisha de la Rosa
2016 music preservation project- Latin Grammy Foundation Award

Fundraiser, and strategy leader


Since April 2019 I’ve been working as an advisor in the Presidential Office for Youth.  
I developed partnerships between the State – the First Lady’s Office –, the private sector and civil society to take 36 young leaders to the One Young World Summit in the UK, as part of the National Prize for Youth Talent. These 36 young leaders represent each department and big city in the country: 20 women and 16 men. 

I succesfully raised $280.000 USD in three months.

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