2019 documentary film- Eleven Years
2019 social impact project- Strategy Coordination for the National Prize for Youth Talent awarded by the Colombian Presidency
2019 curatorial project- Marcial Alegría, Guillermo Vega, César Villa
2018 social impact project- Cimarron National Guard
2018 book editor- Obituarios Negros
2018 documentary film- Nos están matando
2017 music album- Magín Díaz, el Orisha de la Rosa
2016 music preservation project- Latin Grammy Foundation Award



Every project I have worked on has a curatorial element. From renowed artists such as Liniers (Argentina), Pedro Ruiz (Colombia) or Rukkit (Tailand) to outsider artists from Senegal, Bolivia, and the Colombia Caribbean. 

Right now I’m collaborating with three artists from the Colombian Caribbean to give their work greater visibility. They define themselves as primitive artists because they have no formal education and are iliterate. Their paintings depict alternative histories that re-work the oficial history from which they, and their communities, were often excluded. In them I have found proponents of  ‘tropical existencialism’ – an academic thesis I’m developing. 

Marcial Alegría (85), San Sebastián de Urabá - Córdoba

Guillermo Vega (68), Cartagena - Bolívar

César Villa (47), Sincerín - Bolívar